Iran Salamat; 1440

Iran is one of the countries that provides free government services in the form of health insurance to various part of society and supports the medical expenses of individuals. In this series »Iran Salamat; 1440»We tried to introduce the structure of health services provided by the Health Insurance Organization of Iran to the public because many people are not aware of the possibility of using such services and as a result are deprived of them.

Format: Documentary series (5 episodes)

Year: 2021

Producer: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

Director: Hossein Turang

Corona for life

The documentary series "Corona for life" depicts subjects who created unique possibilities in the face of deadlocks and crises caused by the outbreak of the Corona disease. This series has tried to stimulate the audience's imagination in search of new opportunities in various fields of livelihood, education, human cooperation, etc.

Format: Documentary Series (13 episodes)


Producer: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

Director: Hossein Turang and Mohammad Reza Moheb Al-Aba


The "reminiscence" series is the story of a grandchild and a grandmother who spends their holidays together. In each of the episodes, related scenes from the history of Iranian cinema or nostalgic serials are shown in the context of different themes such as marriage, property, simplicity, Nowruz, etc.


Format: TV series (13 episodes)

Year of construction: 1398 - 1399

Producer: Mehdi Motahar

Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


Story of Being Together

"Story of Being Together" is a documentary series that tells the true story of the different villages people of Iran, who have come together with different capacities and abilities to create a greater possibility than this togetherness. This synergy results from the placement of resources and capabilities of individuals together which creates new opportunities and it is called cooperation in Iran. The series was commissioned by the General Directorate of Cooperatives of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare which produced for the documentary channel.


Format: TV documentary series

Year of construction: 1396

Producer and Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


Story of achieving

"The Story of achieving" is a documentary series that was first broadcast in 2016 on the Documentary channel. The focus of this series is on the people who have created possibilities with low capital and in an unbelievable way also set up semi-industrial workshops, which have gradually turned into factories and extensive employment. The subjects of this series have been selected in the form of various production fields. In the first chapter of this series, the criteria for selecting the subjects were people who started their business with a capital of 50 million Tomans in the 1390s, but in the second chapter, the amount of initial capital wasn’t the criterion for selection, but the steps for production has been the criterion for selecting people in recent critical years of the Iranian economy.


Year of construction: 1395 - 1399 (2 seasons - 39 parts)

Producer and Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


Book Cafe / Alef(A)"

The Book Café program, later renamed Alef(A), was a television series commissioned by Channel 4 to review news and events related to book publishing. This series presented and introduced best-selling books, specialized books, novels, etc. to its audience every week.


Format: TV series (39 episodes)

Year of construction: 1394

Producer and Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


A bite of bread

A documentary series "A bite of bread" is the longest television documentary series that was broadcasted for a decade. In the first chapter of this series deals with trusted people and old businessmen who are believed to be blessed in fame business, but in the second and third chapters, the focus of the subjects has changed and the focus is on young people who chose essential values, view of serving others and earn a clean income in up-to-date jobs.


 Format: TV documentary series (3 seasons - 89 episodes)

Year of construction: 1390-1400

Producer and Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh