Generating       &       Developing       Artistic       Ideas

In       Media       &       Business
















Our Story

The story began when we saw man in today’s society confused and unaware of our valuable possibilities. The possibility of being in the flow of life, development and fresh creations to feel a more beautiful world.

To avoid rhetoric, we tried to combine our experiences with the creativity of young people and in this synergy, we create a dynamic platform and structure in which the artistic environment of ideas are developed and design plans based on those ideas to ultimately create awareness and well-being of the audience.


There are various ethnic groups living in Iran that have their own culture and lifestyle. The main themes of the studio documentaries include these biological aspects. Ethnic culture and music, common social and cultural challenges and themes form the main structure of the studio’s documentary works. Another part of these documentaries deals with their jobs, livelihoods or life experiences in the form of showing the life of different ethnic groups.






Creating and developing ideas for movies, short films and story series for the medium of cinema and television is one of the activities of the eighth room studio. The process of creating and developing ideas in this field is done by holding a studio think tank with the presence of staff and experts.


The eighth room studio has produced several TV works in the form of a documentary series. These series are different based on the needs of the audience of each network and have been produced and broadcast in the form of TV programs, documentaries and mix programs. The main themes of these works in the field of business are creating opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship as well as family, religious and scientific issues.

Studio Job Values

  • Creating freshness for contacts and consumers,
  • Creating innovation in our view and the audience,
  • Creating and promoting development thinking in our lives and the audience.


Business Ideas

The eighth room studio cooperates and works in the field of artistic ideation in economic projects. This collaboration is in the form of creating and developing artistic ideas in production and service projects. Some ideas are handed over to the client in the prototyping stage along with the execution plan, and in some cases the studio, as the designer and artistic creator, will oversee the project.

What are we not doing?


  • Projects in which human values ​​are not produced,
  • Projects in which the values ​​considered by the studio have not been produced;
  • Projects that do not have a clear forecast of experience and the possibilities of creating them,
  • Projects that are not structured,
  • Projects for which appropriate material and spiritual costs are not provided.