Corona for life


Format: Documentary Series (13 episodes)

Producer: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

Director: Hossein Turang and Mohammad Reza Moheb Al-Aba



The documentary series “Corona for life” depicts subjects who created unique possibilities in the face of deadlocks and crises caused by the outbreak of the Corona disease. This series has tried to stimulate the audience’s imagination in search of new opportunities in various fields of livelihood, education, human cooperation, etc.entary on the scientific aspects, mystical authorities, and knowledge of Sheikh Muhammad Bahaie. This character made a significant change in politic, scientific and social areas of Iran, during the Safavi dynasty, and his name was registered in 2009 by UNESCO in the list of astronomical honors of Iran.

I have always been fascinated by making possibility in the most difficult moments of my life. The spread of the corona across the globe made life difficult and limited for everyone, including me. With the launch of the Corona for Life project, I have witnessed that there are people who, in such rare and difficult circumstances, have been creative and creating opportunities; Possibilities that might never have existed without Corona.