Release in the Wind


Format: short fiction film

Year: 2002

Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


The short film “Release in the Wind” tells the story of a girl’s anxiety during the night before the entrance exam, who constantly dreams of taking the entrance exam tomorrow.

In high school, all I could think about was writing film reviews in the newspaper, and I longed to make a film. Instead of going to school, I went to the Youth Cinema society to take a filmmaking course. At that time, the minimal stories of my friend Kamran Mohammadi were published in the same newspaper in which I was writing notes. One of her five-line short stories, which I do not even remember the title of, described the dream of a girl who snapped out of a bad dream. This story became my first short fiction film under the pretext of making “Release in the Wind”.

I made this film with the help of my family and friends. The neighbor’s house was the location of the movie and one of my friend’s sister was the actress! My father paid for the equipment rent, my mom and my sister cooked for the cast. There were other friends who supported me with love so that at that age I could portray the special feeling that most young Iranians experience in their sleep on the night of the entrance exam.