Poolis Poolis


Format: Short documentary


Producer: Mohammad Amin Mohtadi Jafari

Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

I entered in this world when my country had experienced a revolution and had been involved in a heavy war for two years. I was too young to remember the images of these great events, but after a few years, I saw and knew the survivors of this unequal war everywhere in the society. Musa Salamat is one of those people on whom the relics of war have been recorded, and for my life as a compatriot, he had sacrificed his life, body, material future and life. He had left parts of his body in the war, and today there was a great excitement in him; Love of football and Persepolis! On behalf of his generation, he came to the stadium with my generation and shouted the passion of life. This image encouraged me to make the documentary “Poolis Poolis”.