Mr. Manager

Mr. Manager


This series is going to continue for 3 seasons if it is successful in the first season.

Designer and author: Amirhussein Khalilzadeh

Producer: Ahmed Shafii

Product: Nubin Studio

After years of producing documentary films about entrepreneurs and successful people who have overcome many obstacles in their careers, at the suggestion of one of Iran’s famous studios in the field of reality show production, Nobin Studio, a contract to write the first reality show based on events We closed the document in the job space.

This project, which has a foreign counterpart, should be Iranianized and localized to answer the job concerns of the audience in Iran. Because of this, it was very difficult to prepare and research the research and collect the topics of occupational culture and the required statistics and figures. This is because the main issues of business relations and especially the culture of cooperation in Iran are based on unwritten and oral culture. On the other hand, a series of programs should be designed to attract the audience in the Internet TV market.

Therefore, the writing of this series had special advantages in terms of the idea and design of the situations, which made Nobin Studio able to enter into negotiations and a production contract with the best and most famous television platform in Iran, Fiilmo.


The idea of this collection is to change the position of people at different levels of a job organization to look at the system and challenges of human resources from a reverse angle.

But the narrative and event ideas of this collection, like the characters of the fake trainees, each has a generally familiar personality for Iranian audiences.