Iran Salamat; 1440


Format: Documentary series (5 episodes)

Producer: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

Director: Hossein Turang

Year: 2021

Iran Salamat; 1440


Iran is one of the countries that provides free government services in the form of health insurance to various part of society and supports the medical expenses of individuals. In this series »Iran Salamat; 1440»We tried to introduce the structure of health services provided by the Health Insurance Organization of Iran to the public because many people are not aware of the possibility of using such services and as a result are deprived of them.

Iran Salamat is a documentary commissioned by Health channel which introduces health insurance’s services for different groups of people. The structure of health insurance is a highly developed structure whose efficient dimensions and features of its services are still unknown to the public people. Therefore, the Health Insurance Organization has decided to fully introduce these services to the people in the form of this series. This film is made in an artistic and fantasy format.