Azadi Stan

Azadi Stan


Writer and Director: Amirhussein khalilzadeh

Researcher: Hossein torang

Edite: Hossein torang

Camera man : Alireza asad nejad

The story of this documentary film is about a political fighter in the last 100 years in Iran.

Sheikh Mohammad was one of the democratic fighters and at the same time a cleric who fought both against the countries that wanted to colonize and against the ruling regime of Iran, which was the weakest ruling regime at that time, and was fought against by the people of Tabriz.

Among the projects that I always paid attention to in my mind as an idea creator, writer and director, there were issues and experiences that in the contemporary history of the country, people have made a lot of efforts and sacrifices to achieve democracy. Studying contemporary political history and knowing how social and political processes and the challenges of a nation arise have always been valuable to me, because people can be informed by telling and expressing them.