Poolis Poois

Director: Amirhosein Khalilzadeh

Through his eyes

Format: Semi-long documentary
Year : 2013-2014
Producer: Mohammad Amin Mohtadi Jafari
Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

“Through his eyes”, in companion with Qutbuddin Sadeghi, looks at life and theater through the eyes of his comprehension, his biological experience and artistic attitude. The film, in the form of a portrait documentary, along with the subject itself, narrates his effective concerns in the field of life and art.


I remember Qutbuddin Sadeghi from my adolescence; when I was only fifteen years old and I loved art. A friend of mine was a member of one of his theater groups at the time, and I was eager attending to their rehearsals. I sat in backstage and enjoyed his love of work, humanity, and the ideas he came up with in conversations with his students, his actors, and his co-workers. I knew him as an actor, but beyond that I looked at him as a theater teacher and coach.
Years passed from those days and I was supposed to make a documentary about one of the heroes of the Iranian tribes. I collected a list of great Iranian artists. One name didn’t disappear from my sight; Qutbuddin Sadeghi! I never imagined that he would accept and join me. I; a young filmmaker with whom I didn’t even know closely. I knew that he travels a lot as an excuse of art and theater; climate of Kurdistan; His motherland, France and everywhere in Europe and even in different parts of Iran. He was always on the road.
I made my decision and managed to make an appointment with him. Surprisingly, he accepted my first request to make a film and “Through his eyes” started.
In this film, I tried to see the world and art through his eyes, instead of repeating his biography, artistic background and examples of his works. We had recordings for about two years outspread, and Bahar Siri played a key role as the second director. Her presence led the film to follow a clear and effective process.
“Through his eyes” is a film narrated by Dr.Sadeghi; expressing his concerns and reviewing his emotional bank and biological experience. What nurtured his artistic personality and turned him into what we know today: Qutbuddin Sadeghi!