Maternal Experience

Maternal Experience


Idea maker and producer: Amirhussein Khalilzadeh

Directors: Abbas Askari / Amirhossein Khalilzadeh

Photographer: Abbas Askari

Editor: Mohammad Mohib

The story started from a place where my generation as a producer and filmmaker is living at a time when after many years I have no possibility or desire to have children!

Most of my generation, because of the mental issues and conditions we have, even if we want to have a child, we don’t know what kind of situation it will be.

This idea of the mother’s experience being narrated by herself seems to us to be the most honest and non-judgmental biography of the responsibility and position of being a mother and having children.


The “Motherhood Experience” series in 10 episodes narrates mothers with different numbers of children in their own words so that the audience can directly understand their challenges and questions in the real stories of mothers.