Saru Hadith

Saru Hadith


Format: Long

documentaryYear: 2011-2014

Producer and Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh




The story of the documentary “Nakhodaki” is about the time and life of Sheikh Hassan Ali Nakhodaki, one of the mystics and physicians of the late 13th and early 14th centuries. He lived in Isfahan and Mashhad, and at that time many people in the city turned to him to solve their problems. In this film, the filmmaker presents a new attitude towards life by paying attention to this character, and illustrates a belief of serving people in a scientific, medical, mystical and ascetic position witha kind of human and spiritual lifestyle to the audience.

In the history of subcultures of societies such as Iran and India, we are always faced with special religious and mystical beliefs. In the context of these beliefs, there are pious people who connect us to an immaterial world. An example of this approach can be seen in the Shiite religion in the Iran region, which has used this non-physical dimension mainly to serve the people of the community. It may be difficult to understand and accept in today’s world, but regardless of whether it is right or wrong or how such immaterial abilities exist in some people, I was searching to study the lives of these people in contemporary history.

Sheikh Nakhodaki was one of the scholars and mystics whose documents and evidences show that he had special immaterial abilities, but the greatest and most valuable point in the history of his life for me was to serve the people and to stay away from sin; A trait that made his contemporaries, and even generations after him, benefit from his help and support. Although the existence of such people may seem unrealistic in the belief of modern life in the global village today, the documentary “Nokhodaki” shows that there are people in history who live another aspect of life beyond the objective with reference to research and eyewitness.