Iranian Zoomers


Format: feature film documentary

Year of construction: 2020

Producer: Saeed Elahi

Director: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh

A few years ago, I hired an intern in my office. One day I asked him to burn me a DVD. “I do not know,” he said surprisingly. I knew that he is an updated guy, so I asked him: “how is it possible that you don’t know?!”

“Sir, we’re using Google Drive to move our files,” he said. It was there that I realized that I’m facing a generation that has grown up in the heart of social media and the Internet, and apart from the common differences between the generations, it has distinctive, unique and even incomprehensible features for my generation.The documentary “Iranian Zoomers” is my personal view of my experience from childhood to adolescence and compares the needs of that period of my life with the concerns of today’s teenagers, who are called Z or Zoomer.