Bahaodin Muhammad


Format: Long documentary

Year: 2010

Producer: Documentary & Experimental Film

CenterDirector: Amir Hossein Khalilzadeh


Bahaodin Muhammad is a long documentary on the scientific aspects, mystical authorities, and knowledge of Sheikh Muhammad Bahaie. This character made a significant change in politic, scientific and social areas of Iran, during the Safavi dynasty, and his name was registered in 2009 by UNESCO in the list of astronomical honors of Iran.

The vast expanse of Iran in the past centuries has overseen the emerge of thinkers and scientists who have been proficient in various fields of science and have created lasting works and events in fields such as culture, architecture, art, mathematics, philosophy, etc.

Personally, I was very interested in recognizing the ancient heroes in the history of Iran, and if I were to name five influential people in the history of Iran’s development, surely one of them was Sheikh Bahaie. Sheikh Bahaie was the prime minister of his day in the language of today, and with his genius, he has marked a period of Iran’s glory in the fields of industry, politics, economics and many other fields.Representing the knowledge and aristocracy of this influential figure of history in various fields and his pioneering in the new projects of his life, was the main concern of making the film “Baholdin Muhammad”. I believe that many of his unique abilities still need to be explored and identified.